Brexit and a searing indictment of the British political class

… no absolutely not elites. Quite the opposite

Jonathan Pie has an edge and an anger about the world that I think is absolutely spot on. He is described as β€˜lefty’ … but I have seen him take down the Labour party with as much ferocity as he attacks Tories. This particular one is aimed at the entire Government - and if you are offended by blasphemy, I highly recommend that you do not watch. Example ….

… pointing at the Houses of Parliament, answering the rhetorical question β€˜who got us into this mess’ …. he says … β€˜this lot’ …

”This gaggle of obdurate, arrogant stubborn, unrepentant, heartless, bunch of self serving arseholes …”


If you live in America and wonder about late night hosts you would be forgiven for not knowing the name Jonathan Pie. I’m not even sure he has a TV show in the UK - Tom Walker (his creator) only launched him 3 1/2 years ago. His YouTube channel shows just shy of half a million subscribers - though his β€˜watched’ number does on occasion blow that number out of the water. I think he is also too much for TV to take him on - maybe Netflix will think about it, his numbers are already blowing out Hasan Minhaj even with his Daily Show history and TV promotion.

Late Show Hosts

Name Born YouTube JS/DS? Show
NEW YORK β€” β€” β€” β€”
Jimmy Kimmel NY 13.9M ABC
Bill Maher NY 1.6M HBO
Real Time
Jimmy Fallon NY 20M NBC
The Tonight Show
ROA β€” β€” β€” β€”
Hasan Minhaj CA 308K Y Netflix
Patriot Act
Seth Meyers IL 2.8M NBC
Late Night With Seth Meyers
Stephen Colbert DC 5.9M CBS
The Late Show
Conan O’Brien MA 6.7M TBS
Team Coco
ROW β€” β€” β€” β€”
Trevor Noah SA 4.5M Y Comedy Central
The Daily Show
Samantha Bee CA 914K Y TBS
Full Frontal
John Oliver UK 6.8M Y HBO
Last Week Tonight
James Corden UK 18.7M CBS
Late Late Show
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