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Old Man My Ass Apr 5, 2020 🎥 & you.tube & 😂 & videos Fits right in with the People First ageism meme. Pre conceived notions and assumptioms based on appearance - if that I’m Mad As Hell and I’m Not Gonna Take This Anymore! Apr 5, 2020 🎥 & you.tube & videos It’s funny how things remind of us in movies that came out years ago - and yet somehow - everything we are feeling now was being channeled by them I’ll Show You Out Of Order Apr 2, 2020 🎥 & you.tube & videos Pacino at his best. Spot P.S.H for a second of screen time in the middle People Matter Mar 13, 2019 🎥 & you.tube & people.first & videos My article Welcome To The Machine was published on BizCatalyst360 today and with usual efficiency, shared into the social networks. (Thankyou