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Motivating People Apr 19, 2020 you.tube & videos date : 2020-04-19 08:35 I mean, its one way … right Ed Kressy Apr 6, 2020 you.tube & 📜 & more.to.come & videos Ed .. he has a booking coming out next week. I read the proofs. I bought the book. You should aswell. More to come Pono Shim On Aloha Apr 6, 2020 you.tube & videos I recently shared a poem in my People First Newsletter by Cameron Wiggins Belim. It came to me via Pono Shim, who is a seriously inspiring person. I Old Man My Ass Apr 5, 2020 🎥 & you.tube & 😂 & videos Fits right in with the People First ageism meme. Pre conceived notions and assumptioms based on appearance - if that I’m Mad As Hell and I’m Not Gonna Take This Anymore! Apr 5, 2020 🎥 & you.tube & videos It’s funny how things remind of us in movies that came out years ago - and yet somehow - everything we are feeling now was being channeled by them Permanating - Steven Wilson Apr 5, 2020 🎵 & you.tube & videos There is no doubt that Steven Wilson has become the number one artist in my catalogue over the last few years. This video and song is so unlike I’ll Show You Out Of Order Apr 2, 2020 🎥 & you.tube & videos Pacino at his best. Spot P.S.H for a second of screen time in the middle Brexit and a searing indictment of the British political class Mar 23, 2019 you.tube & 📺 & 😂 & videos … no absolutely not elites. Quite the opposite Jonathan Pie has an edge and an anger about the world that I think is absolutely spot on. He is People Matter Mar 13, 2019 🎥 & you.tube & people.first & videos My article Welcome To The Machine was published on BizCatalyst360 today and with usual efficiency, shared into the social networks. (Thankyou The Boy And The Piano - Elton John Nov 18, 2018 🎵 & you.tube & more.to.come & videos GOSH DARN - it has been marked ‘private’! Every year John Lewis Partnership in the UK release ‘their Christmas video’. It’s always a tear jerker, Love Will Tear Us Apart - Hot 8 Brass Band Nov 17, 2018 🎵 & you.tube & videos Superb song when written and performed by Joy Division … who knew that it could lift itself out to be such a joyful piece of music